Team retreat

May 2021



Moonly is not just an app, This is a whole universe that changes the life of everyone who comes into contact with it. Shw gives magic and good magic, teaches awareness, love for oneself and the world around. Each team member puts his heart and soul into what he does. For us it is an

important part of life, a creative expression. We ourselves live what we broadcast through Moonly. Therefore, we want to share with you the moments that are hidden behind the splash screen of the application.

In May 2021, at thee initiative of the creator of the Moonly universe, Olga Ramora, the first trip took place, in which almost all the girls from the team took part. Eight beautiful women from different cities gathered in a single place of power - in the mountains at Krasnaya Polyana. The dates of the trip were timed to coincide with the full moon and lunar eclipse.

Where women congregate, magic begins. In a cozy wooden cottage, we have organized a magical space with candles, Palo Santo scent and quiet music. Each morning began with a prediction for the day using cards or runes.

Our dear friend, Irina Konkova, whose voice accompanies some of Moonly meditations, conducted for us morning practices of connecting with the body, laying intention, gratitude, chakra breathing. We gladdened the inner child with delicious food, sparkles on our faces, we got together for communication and tea parties. During these seven days we were inspired, filled, traveled and lived every moment in sincerity and love.

This trip left forever in our hearts...

In a deep

connection with

the nature

Mountains are the strongest energy space. Far from people, where birds fly so low, where the moon seems closer, and the fog does not dissipate even during the day, we meet real ourselves. During the trip, we got an amazing experience of exploring different places of power.

At the Waterfall of the Dragon’s Mouth, where we walked in headphones accompanied by Ira’s voice. At its foot, we sat on stones and plunged into meditation to quiet music, the sound of falling water, the barely noticeable touch of water drops on the skin.

These are endless tea plantations, where we stood in the rain, holding hands, laughing, hugging each other - as we are, totally honest, open and real.

These are spacious green fields, where herbs of horses grazed, and we walked to the singing of birds. As if in confirmation of the unity of all life on Earth, a horse approached us in confidence, allowed itself to be stroked.

This is a boxwood forest, in the place of which the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean was located millions of years ago. Surrounded by the canyon walls, we sat on the ground, thanked the spirit of the forest for their hospitality, burned incense as a gift, played the bells and listened to him answer us - through the raindrops, the sound of the wind, the rustle of foliage.

This is a forest camping, where amazing people create space for an eco-friendly unity with nature. They show how a person can bring harmony, help and revive the world around him. There we had dinner in the company of talented people, live music and singing around the fire. We saw clouds emerge from the mountains, and we also had a unique experience of meditations with singing bowls. Their high vibrations penetrate the body, remove everything that has become obsolete and immerse one in inner silence. In the process of meditation, when we were lying with our eyes closed, one of the local inhabitants, a black cat, came to us, and filled each of us with the vibration of his purr, complicity and tenderness.

This is a horseback ride at sunset. When you run your fingers into a thick mane, stroke, feed a horse, your heart is filled with childish joy anf delight. Our contact was built on mutual trust and feeling of each other.

This is an exit to the open sea on a yacht, where we admired the sunset, listened to the singing of the waves. And where dolphins, carriers of divine joy, sailed into our field, as if to greet.

The magic of

female field

Our women’s company has become a space of comfort, love and mutual fulfillment. During the whole trip, we exchanged resources, mood, support. In a single field, we recognized each other and ourselves. We were united by a warm bath, where our dear friend, Anna Sizova, had a ceremony of taking care of her body, relaxing blocks and clamps, filling with femininity and attention to herself. On the full moon night, in the women’s circle, we wrote down everything we wanted to release on pieces of paper and burned them the next morning. Nothing enhances rituals like the intention of several women in the same sex. Each of us felt this magic on ourselves.

Co-creation and unification in a single stream

Even while on a trip, we did not stop working on Moonly: we participated in calls with the men of our team (who, by the way, were bored and secretly wanted to join us), created new designs, interviewed the masters. and solved the current tasks of the project. Each new travel event filled with the energy and creative inspiration, and the filled woman strives to create. Moonly is not about deadlines and goal setting. It’s about co-creation, empathy and joint development.

Together we have lived an incredibly beautiful story. They never return from such travels who they were before - we transform, discover new facets in ourselves, cleanse ourselves and become a little closer to ourselves. We are happy to be part of a single global project. And we are happy that the soul of Moonly, Olga Ramora, unites wizards ans sorceresses of the new era to make the world a better place together.